Yesterday Was Just Swell!!

^^^^When I was at my Mom’s house the other day, she gave me a piece of fabric that I wanted to use to cover the inside of the front door. I wasn’t large enough, so I made curtains for my kitchen window. I removed the drab curtains and the box thingy that was hiding the top of the blinds. Removed the blinds too.
Yesterday was a real bitch…just absolutely swell!
It started out good.  I had six chases lined up.  Two cars, one Harley, and two mortgages.  Altogether about 120 miles.
I was in Front Royal on my third chase, when I noticed a sound on the right side of the Evil Twin and pulled over into a gas station.  Well, my passenger rear tire was low on air.
The thing about low profile tires is, when you can physically see that they are low on air, it’s usually too late.  By that time you are riding on about 10 pounds or less of air.  I asked a guy in the lot for the nearest tire shop and was told it was about 2 miles away, so I drove there….very slowly.
When I got to Dunlop Tires, I was told that they didn’t have a tire that would fit.  Turns out NOBODY in the ENTIRE town had one. Since I had driven my car on rubber and rim for about 10 miles by then, I knew that the inside of the tire was probably so torn up that they would not be able to patch/repair it.  I also knew that I couldn’t drive it any further without damaging the rim itself.
So, I’m sitting in the Evil Twin trying to figure out….what next?  My Mom was not at home.  Even if she would have been, I couldn’t leave my car in Front Royal to wait on Dunlop to get a tire for me.
While I was sitting there I got an e-mail from my dear sister in Manassas asking me what I was doing?  I told her and she offered to help me out.  Phew…what a relief.  I had forgotten that she is off on Fridays.
Bless her heart, an hour later she was in Front Royal with the tire that I had bought over the phone in Manassas.
Sis and I had a quick bite to eat while my tire was being put on and I was on my way to finish my last two chases.  I made it to Miller’s just in time for work. When I got home I had about an hour worth of paperwork to do.  What a day!
I have decided that I will never, never, never again change the stock rims and tires of a car to a larger size!!!  If I ever bring this subject up because I have forgotten about how much of a pain in the ass this was, please slap the crap out of me!
Sometime next week I’m going to buy another tire and keep it behind the back seat…..just in case.

7 thoughts on “Yesterday Was Just Swell!!”

  1. Guy…lol, thank you!Gypsy…No we don't have to carry them and mine wouldn't fit anyway. The spare is 15" and my for tires are 17".Yep….my sister rocks!!! 🙂

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