Daylight Saving Time?


It seems like I will never get used to it and no matter how much I hear about it coming up, I always forget about it.  Took me two hours to realize that it had happened this morning.


Not thinking, I slept in this morning.  I know I will pay for that tonight. 😦


I don’t have any car chases today, so I’ll go into the dealership for five hours.  Yesterday was awesome….very busy.  I loved it! 🙂


I was going to go meet up with friends at the Fredericksburg Pub last night but received an e-mail for a rush car chase that had to be done last night.  It was close by, but I had to go straight home afterward to upload the report.  Then it was really too late to drive out to Fredericksburg so I stayed home.  I know I missed out, it looks like Scott, Terry, and Andrew had a great time.


I watched Sons of Anarchy on Hulu, read up on “My mother’s story” and then hit the sack.


This coming week will truly suck.  I received an e-mail from my lawyer telling me that he needs more money, which I don’t have to give.    We are suing Brookfield Washington Homes for money owed for work that was done three years ago.  Rat Bastards!!!  This has been dragging on and on and has gotten really expensive.  I’m going to go to the courthouse either tomorrow or Tuesday to see what kind of rights I have.  I’m starting to lose confidence in my lawyer.


Wish I was getting $5.43 a minute….that would really be swell 🙂


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