Back to Normal

It’s been a rough week, but today I feel awesome!!!  Woohoo….because I hate to be sick!  I think it’s kind of bizarre that after all these years of not getting a cold…..I get one!  I must have been in the wrong place at the wrong time?

I’m still looking for chairs for my tiny living room.  I missed a Poang chair and foot stool for 25 bucks yesterday.

Meanwhile, I have re-arranged my home again to make room for a chair or two when I find them.




It seems huge in here now and I can’t wait to fill up the empty space.  It’s funny that now I don’t feel comfortable in big spaces.

Ever since we went digital I haven’t been able to get certain channels with the roof top antenna.  It was getting on my last nerve, so I picked up a small indoor antenna last Sunday.  That did the trick. Now I get a ton of channels without an extra bill each month.  I don’t really watch much TV, but it usually watches me.  I like the background noise.




LOL….notice the tape measure hanging from the knob.  It helps me to decide whether I need to take something apart to get it through my 24” wide door.

I was catching up on the Tales from Technomadia blog the other day and they mentioned using a  Elgato EyeTV Hybrid connected to their Mac Mini that they use to tune into local HD TV channels.  I started to look for something for the spare laptop that I have.  I almost bought a Avertv Hybrid Volar Max and found out that I already had the hardware for that laptop, I just never bothered to hook it up.


Now…..if I want to, I can watch TV in the bed. 🙂


I was catching up on Guy’s blog and got to the comments on “The Ears Have It”.  I thought I was going to pee on myself when I read Auntie’s comment about  the The Turd Twister  LOL…for those of you that still exchange gifts during the holidays….this should take care of the person that has EVERYTHING.


6 thoughts on “Back to Normal”

  1. Tango – sorry that i have been so scarce in these parts lately!!! Very glad to hear that you are feeling better and good work with re-arranging the furniture – it sure looks cozy in there!!!

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