I went to chase a car way out in Fredericksburg early this morning.  I had been missing those long drives way out in nowhere…..


I avoided all streets that had convenience stores on them so that I would not get tempted to pick up a pack of cigs.  It was hard as hell,  you hear me???  It’s  a good thing that we don’t have to go inside the stores to pay for fuel anymore, I think that would have done me in.

BTW…I now smell cigarettes in the Evil Twin.  WTF????  How is this possible?  I cleaned the inside on Tuesday morning.  Today’s Friday and this afternoon I smell cigarettes in my car! 

Okay…that’s the end of my small rant.  Hopefully I won’t turn into a full blown turbo bitch by the time I get to work.

3 replies on “LOL…..BSEG”

Andy…LOL, to me they are just sweet potatoes. Now cucumbers…that's another story.I have to store those sweet potatoes where I can see them. When I bury them in the fridge, I'll end up throwing them away.

Ok, so I am trying real hard to understand you Yankee girls. Are the sweet potatoes a phallic metaphor or are they just sweet potatoes. Esoteric stuff like this makes my brain hurt.

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