Time to get the plants in the ground and out of the house



Some of the plants were trying to get out of the baggies, so I decided to open them up until I got a chance to plant them.  Well, Silly bit off all the tops tof the plants…..every one of them!!   I was so upset with her.   I hope that the plants are still going to be okay.





Stopped by my Mom and Pops to hug their necks yesterday.    We were sitting outside drinking coffee and had a huge bumble bee for company.  I can’t believe the photos actually turned out.



Then there was this weird animal in their back yard.


Before I left, I cleaned out my Mom’s gardening closet.  She had a lot of pots that she doesn’t use anymore which I was more than happy to take off of her hands.

After I got home last night, I guess because my Mom and I were talking about it, I got the nesting bug again and rearranged my living area again.


It’s sad that I ALREADY had to put the fan in the window.  We seem to be going from one extreme to another.  No easing into the summer this year.


I’m leaving here early today.  I want to stop by and give T-Jay his birthday hug before I go in to work. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Time to get the plants in the ground and out of the house”

  1. Gypsy….rat bastards!!! I haven't seen any animals getting into the pots. I was hoping that they would stay out of them if I put the pots close to the house.

  2. I can imagine how cross you were with Silly when you saw what she did to the plants. I go right off my brain every timne I go outside and see that the wild rabbits have eaten ANOTHER one of my new plants. Rat bastards.

  3. mmpaints….No kidding!!! I've been gone for 5 hours and hope that they will be there and standing straight up when I get home.How are you doing? Hope you get some rest tonight!….no cooking at 2 AM!!

  4. Teri…..LOL….aquarium sounds good, but I don't have the room. I'm going to use the plastic water bottles that I have next time….or I just have to time it better where I plant them as soon as they start to want to get out of the baggies.I love my living room like this too. I think I'll keep it….or not. :)Have lots of fun. I can't wait to see all the photos you'll have when you get back. 🙂

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