Mud Porch?

First I removed the tables, plants and Kenny moved my existing little stepping area.



Then came the new step/porch and the heavy equipment. 🙂





…….and taddaaaaa……here is my new step/porch/mud porch….whatever, in all its awesomeness keeping me from tracking mud and dirt into my home. 🙂




I love it!  So much better and much more stable than the other rig-up I had.

It’s been raining for a couple of hours now.  I went outside with my flashlight a few minutes ago and saw that all my plants are pepping up.  I’m so happy!!!  They were looking so sad this afternoon and I thought that they would probably not make it.

I’m going to pick up some tires for some potatoes this weekend.  I can’t wait!!

Sunday will be my last day off until next month, so I’m going to have a lot of catching up to do.  Oh and yeah…….taxes.  I did it again and put it off until the last minute.  Looks like Sunday will be a busy day for me.   Oh well….maybe next year I won’t wait so long.  Shit, I always say that!


5 thoughts on “Mud Porch?”

  1. Powdergirl….Yes, it’s pretty awesome not to track the mud and other stuff inside the house. I’m down to vacuuming once every two days, from twice daily. 🙂 I love the curtains too. It’s so bright and cheerful in here now.Joe….thanks. Yep, I’m okay. Thanks for asking.Donna….Yes, I’m okay and so is the computer. Thanks for asking. I’ve just been absolutely swamped.Teri…thanks for the link. Wonder if he can teach me how to get a “green” thumb. LOL, I already have a brown thumb.

  2. Nice! It'll be great to not be tracking mud into the house anymore, amazing what a little bit of wood can do.And I really like your sheer white curtains, they look springish!

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