Chasing cars in Purcellville, VA

I left the house before 7 this morning in order to get to the first address by 8 AM.  I figured that traffic was going to be pretty bad and most of the 22 mile stretch was off and on two lane highway.  Due to the FDCPA guidelines, I can’t knock on anyone’s door until 8 AM.  I got there way early, so I sat across the street and talked to neighbors that were outside taking their trash to the street. 

There have been many times that I have been very glad to have a phone with internet and this was one of those days.  Since I couldn’t find the person that I was looking for, I found out enough information to type into Google to give me the address to one of the places that he works at.

After finishing my chases I decided to visit a farm stand that I had been reading about on one of the Yahoo Groups that I belong to, the Loudoun_Locavores.   The stand was just a few miles away somewhere on John Wolford Road.  My phone came in handy again, since I didn’t have the physical address to the place.  Went to the Loudoun_Locavores and there was the address.



I picked up some Spinach, eggs and some Strawberries.  Then I stopped by The Natural Mercantile of Hamilton…



I picked up some home grown BACON… I have missed bacon!!!! :)  I also picked up a bar of soap.  I thought  of Guy when I picked the scent.


I’ve noticed that every since I started buying soap with only a handful of ingredients in them, I have no soap film in my tub.  LOL…is this normal?  It’s kind of freaking me out.  LOL…just kidding, I love it!

I made it back home by noon.  Washed my Spinach and sautéed it with red onion and two slices of bacon. 


…..and a lovely lunch I had!  Now if my veggies would just hurry up!!!

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