Next time I have a bright idea…

……..tell me to shut up and go to sleep!!

For a couple of weeks now, I’ve been thinking of getting a small single bed which could be converted to a couch for my living room.  Sometimes I like to watch a bit of  TV before I go to sleep and it would be nice to do both at the same time.

So at around midnight Thursday night I got the bright idea of  taking  the 3" thick  memory  foam mattress pad off of my bed and putting it on the floor in my living room just to see if something like that might work.  That took a good half hour since I had to take all the bedding off of my bed to get to the foam mattress.  This is no easy thing to do since there is not enough room beside the bed to walk around.  Then I had to move the chair and the table out of the living room and put them on the bed before I had enough space in the living room for the mattress.

So I’m laying in the bed in the living room with a cup of tea and the TV on.  Very comfortable I’m thinking, I get sleepy and drift off to sleep.  Shit!! That must have been the worst night sleep I’ve ever gotten.  I remember waking up sore and thinking….crap, I’m going to move everything back and sleep in my bed, but then I drifted back off to sleep.

Yesterday morning when I synced my Fitbit, it showed that I woke up 29 times in 6 hours. 

I do think it’s possible to do, but I won’t try it again any time soon with just the foam mattress pad.

I stopped at the Shoppers Warehouse during my lunch time today to pick up a couple of jars of organic baby food for my pussy.  Her favorite is sweet potatoes with turkey. :)  ….anyway, if you are looking for organics, you might as well look for it at a 7-Eleven.  It was sad and just about none existent in there.  Shoppers Warehouse in Manassas must be the only grocery store in the area that hasn’t jumped on the sudden organic bandwagon.  I’m sure glad I wasn’t looking for anything for ME to eat, though I would have picked up some fruit if they would have had any.  I was surprised to even see this………….


Weird, eh?


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