Does this cuff make my blood pressure look big?

I have this blood pressure measuring gadget and decided to pull it out of the drawer on Monday.
My blood pressure was 155/77.
Tuesday it was 163/86 and yesterday it was 176/98.
Today while I was picking up a couple of jars of baby food for my pussy, I decided to use the blood pressure machine at Harris Teeter…it read 145/71.
I wonder if my gadget is broken.  I can’t imagine why I’m so out of whack.  I’m eating organics, barely any meat, no dairy, no GMOs, exercise every morning, lost 6 pounds…..WTF?
Last Monday I filled out a close to 900 question survey at .  Not because I was sick, but because I was wondering what else I could do to get myself healthier. I really didn’t know what kind of doctor to go to for answers. It’s not like you can sit down with a doctor that speciallizes in EVERYTHING for a couple of hours and pick his or her brain. At Diagnose-Me you get a free basic report, but for $50 a doctor will interpret the answers for you very thoroughly.  I paid the 50 bucks and received a 51 page report 24 hours later. 
I’m still reading through it.  First there is a  letter from the doctor and then pages and pages of suggestions. There is an awful lot of information on illnesses that I might be faced with later in life and what I can do to prevent them.
When I took the survey, I put in the last blood pressure reading I had which must have been sometime last year.  If my blood pressure keeps being out of whack like it is, I’ll email the doctor back.
Lunch today…..scrambled eggs, organic ramen with sauteed sweet potato, zucchini, onions, tomatoes, green peppers in a bit of coconut oil.  It was awesome!! 🙂
Day 12 without cigarettes.

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