It started out to be an ordinary day …….

My pussy found something to focus on out by the Evil Twin….



I had a doctor appointment at 9 AM.  I had time to waste so I stopped at the Walgreen’s to walk around and managed to pick up a hitchhiker in my cart….



I picked up another one on my windshield on my way out…..



Then it was time for my appointment at which happens to be the cleanest doctor’s office that I have ever been in.


LOL….I even get to watch TV if I want to.




Thirty minutes later, the Rat Bastard that has been giving me grief since Friday of last week, is history.


Now…..if my mouth wakes up before 1 PM, that would be really awesome.  Right now, working my mouth to make it talk, is no small feat, since half of my lips seem to be missing.


6 thoughts on “It started out to be an ordinary day …….”

  1. Hasn't the dentist even tried to repair it? Here extraction is always the last resort, as the dents on the opposite side need sth to push against, otherwise they start to tilt. As far as I know, that is.

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