Moving right along….

The roofers are scheduled to replace the roof at the townhouse on Monday.  I’ll be glad when that’s out of the way.  I’m happy that we haven’t had any major rain to do more damage or to cause more leaking.  While they are there, one of the men is going to replace a light switch and an outlet that has not been working. This is really great because it is really hard to find an electrician that will do small jobs around here.

I went to Buckland Farm Market yesterday to pick up some eggs and veggies for the weekend.  I see they are getting into full swing for Halloween….





Lunch today….smoked fish


Yummy, but they just use way too much salt.  Maybe it’s me, since I don’t eat anything out of a can or box anymore?

I tried out my new juicer this morning.  It’s an Omega.  I was surprised on how quiet it is.  One of my biggest issues was making sure that the machine would be easy to clean.  I knew if it took for ever to clean, I would not use it and it would go back where it came from.  Pretty awesome….it takes 5 minutes. Also, it grates, grinds, and juices.

I had a glass of cucumber, spinach, lettuce, garlic and apple.  Not bad at all.  This way I get a lot of nutrients that I normally would not get.  Maybe I’ll make some and take it in a thermos for work tomorrow.


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