Caught up


I left the Evil Twin at Millers last night for some much overdue repairs and maintenance.  She was due for her 60,000 mile check up and needed new brakes.  Meanwhile I’m driving this Camry Hybrid rental from Millers.   Nice ride, though I haven’t gotten used to having my butt that close to the ground.  Hopefully the Evil Twin will be ready to come home tonight!!

I checked out the Natural Marketplace in Warrenton this morning. 

I was very disappointed.  While I was checking the place out I was told that EVERYTHING in the store is Non-GMO.  Well….that was a bald face lie!  They have a kitchen upstairs where they prepare food.  The girl that was preparing sandwiches did wear gloves, but she proceeded to touch everything with them, including wiping them on a dish towel.  In my opinion, she might as well throw those gloves a way, what’s the use?  The kitchen area could also use a good scrubbing.

I’ll stick with Eden’s Natural Market.  Peter knows what Non-GMO means and he will point out the items that are not.  Maybe I’m just anal about this.

Besides my crazy work schedule this past weekend, I did accomplish a few things. 

I took bids on a new roof for the townhouse and have a company lined up to take care of the roof and the electrical issues at the end of next week. I  contacted my lawyer to get my divorce started.  Cancelled the insurance on the truck.  Let my county and DMV know that the truck is now gone.  Next step is to pay the property taxes left on the truck which for some reason is due in two different counties…major screw up!!  It’s always something…wonder which county I should go to first.

Meanwhile “Casino Night Part II” is in the works for October 23rd.  This time we will also have a car show which will be judged by the attendants of the event.  I can’t wait!!

Time is flying….I can’t believe tomorrow is Saturday already.  Somebody slow it down, okay?


Before and After…

This is me the last two weeks…..

This is me yesterday…

squirell ……after 9 hours of blissful sleep last night.

Thanks to Henry’s Towing for breaking into the Tundra and moving it to Miller Toyota….and then giving me a discount. 🙂 I never thought that I would use Henry’s Towing and thank you in the same sentence.

Thanks to Miller Toyota Scion… JD, Alex, and Danny….for programming new keys and repairing the tailgate.

Thanks to Glenn of ColorsOnParade for fixing the bumper and getting rid of all the scratches. Awesome job, Glenn!!

Thanks to Reeses of Sill’s Car Wash for detailing the hell out of it and getting the girl to look like she’s brand new.

Thanks to Wes at Miller Toyota Used Cars for buying the truck yesterday and giving me a great deal.

Thanks to my crew at Miller Toyota Scion for all the advise and suggestions. 🙂

Thanks to my son T-Jay for getting me back and forth in the Evil Twin to get this over with.

Thanks to my Mom for moral support!

What a relief!! 🙂