New Roof

Two weeks ago I started shopping for a roofer and an electrician for the townhouse.  There was a major leak around the frame of the upstairs bathroom.  Lights in that bathroom didn’t work anymore and an outlet in the kitchen had blown out.

I began my search on the Fauquier Yahoo Group that I belong to.  The people there share their experiences with local contractors and I figured that would be the best place to start since I didn’t know anyone right off hand that did this type of work.  With all the scams going on I didn’t want to risk going into this blind.

A got a few recommendations and after making some phone calls, I set up a meeting with Ben Freeman of Ben Freeman Construction, LLC.

His estimate was very reasonable.  He also agreed to take care of my electrical issues.

Ben and his crew came out on Tuesday and I stopped by the townhouse after taking care of an inspection.




They finished the work in one day and did a great job of cleaning up after themselves.  The lights in the bathroom are working for the first time in a few years and the outlet in the kitchen has been replaced.

Phew….that’s one thing off of my mind!

Great job, Ben!! 🙂


11 thoughts on “New Roof”

  1. Joe…yep that bathroom light hadn't been working even before I moved out. Now that moving back has become a reality, I am ready to get it over with. Crap…I hate this in between shit.

  2. That's great news! All the lights in our utility room hadn't been working for over a year, and I finally found a guy to sort out the problem. It took him an hour and yet we'd been without lights all that time!

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