Drive-By 09.14.2011

Monday night I was hired by one of the companies that I work for to take a photo of a house and a mailbox off of Sudley Rd between Rt 15 and Rt 29.  A drive-by is when I don’t contact the home owner, but sneak into their front yard and take a photo of their house and the mailbox to prove that I’ve been there.  Then I fill out a report of things that I observed in the neighborhood like, over head power lines, flood damage, construction, houses for sale etc.  When I get home, I upload the report and photos.

So I’m way off of Sudley Rd, out in the boonies on this dead-end road and find the house.  I sneak into the front yard to take my photos and I’m about to get back in my car when out of the corner of my eye I see something red on the asphalt driveway.  I moved a little closer an saw that there was a man in his early 20’s laying stretched out, face down on the pavement.  So I yell at him…are you alright?  Hey!!!  You okay??

No answer.  I walked closer and I thought he was dead.  He was laying there in his boxer underwear, red t-shirt and socks.  In one hand he had a cell phone and in the other hand he had a wad of 20 dollar bills.

I moved closer and squatted down to see if he was breathing, and much to my relief, he was.  So I shook him repeatedly with no response.  I poked him in the side and yelled at him some more.

Finally he opened his eye and said: “yeah, I’m just tired”

Then he got up and quickly walked into his house.

Must have kinda freaked him out to wake up and see some strange woman with a gun standing over him.

This was the most bizarre day I’ve had in a long time.  When I got home, my room mate Shaun cracked me up saying something like: “The man is in his house, thinking he’s tired and decides to lay out on the driveway and crash out”.  Nothing strange about that, right?

Last night….Patches and Silly keeping an eye on the backyard:


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