Crochet Color Burst Afghan 12.09.2011

I was trying to find something to keep my hands busy last week and came across a YouTube video tutorial by Michael Sellick.
I’ve never done a project this large and there are no written directions.   So here I was playing the video over and over, writing things down….because my memory sucks and I learn by repetition.
I spent a couple of hours at the craft shop trying to find yarn.  Deciding on Barnat Charisma yarn, I almost had all the colors together when I thought…..this is just way to busy for me.  So I put everything back and picked a different set of colors.  This is what I ended up with.
I haven’t made up my mind yet, but might add another color yarn to it. We’ll see. LOL….I just figured out that I will have to crochet about 165 of those squares to make a decent size blanket for my bed. WTF? I think I’ll measure it when I get home just to make sure…..that can’t be right.



I’ve been looking for a good Paypal alternative for the last couple of years and I think I have finally found one.   I signed up for Dwolla this morning and am hoping it will replace Paypal for me for ever.  Dwolla only charges .25 per transaction and anything under $10 is free.  This is especially great for small businesses that normally loose a percentage of sales to Paypal or a credit card company.

5 thoughts on “Crochet Color Burst Afghan 12.09.2011”

  1. Kymber….Yes, I learned the basics of Crocheting in grade school, but nothing like this. lol…Christmas? Maybe next year. I've got like a hundred twenty to go.

  2. Tango – i have been wanting to learn how to crochet and knit forever. did you already know how to crochet? anyway – they look great and i can't wait to see the finished afghan….xmas present for me perhaps? bahahahahahah!i will check out this Dwolla thing!your friend,kymber

  3. Joe…I caught it on sale for $3 each, but will shop for a better deal online now that I know what I want. Somethings I just have to see in person and touch in the beginning.Paypal sucks with their charges. I'm going to be pushing Dwolla where ever I shop from now on. Hopefully they will go international at some point!

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