Visit to Wilson Farms Meat Company and Beginning to put my Afghan together 12/29/2011

I didn’t make it to Wilson’s yesterday after all.  I was all ready to go, started the car and changed my mind after remembering that gravel road in front of their building with all the huge pot holes.  Knowing that they would be full of water, since it was raining like crazy, I wouldn’t be able to see the holes.   I figured I’d wait until today so that I wouldn’t tear up my car.


I took a few photos while I was ordering my meat.



This time I remembered to bring cash.




I came home with turkey necks, turkey gizzards, real smoked bacon, cubed pork, a bag of sauerkraut and cajun smoked sausage.  I’ll use some of that sausage for seasoning with the turkey necks tomorrow.  Ha, can you say awesome dark brown gravy??



On my way back home I stopped at a store to get the fixings for the broccoli salad.  I called my mom from the parking lot to find out the ingredients for the dressing which is sour cream, spicy honey mustard, and mayonnaise.  Since I don’t do mayo nor sour cream, I had to improvise a bit.


Below is a photo of raw broccoli, raisins, red onion, plain whole milk yogurt, spicy honey mustard and some sea salt.  It is to die for!!!



The bag of sauerkraut really surprised me.  Usually, store bought sauerkraut stinks and is piss sour,  Normally I have to rinse it to be able to eat it.  Not this time….this stuff you can eat out of the bag just like it is.  Yummy!
Then I spent some time on
my afghan/blanket/beadspread what ever you want to call it.  Shit, lets just
call if an afghan.
I finished crocheting together four rows of squares on my bed.  It sure would be easier if I had a large table to work on.  Standing and bending down to crochet is a real pain in my back.  LOL…every few minutes I had to walk around for a bit.
I’ll be back at it tomorrow.

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