Fixing the crapper 12.29.2011

Besides ironing, this has got to be my most hated thing for me to tackle.


Replacing the innards of the toilets.    For three days I have had two kits for the upstairs toilets, both are leaking.  Everyday I walk past them and then put them off for another day.  This morning, I figured I’d better get to it because they won’t install themselves.
I had it all taken apart except for that thingy on the left, the fill valve.  I just can’t seem to get it out of there.  Rat Bastard!  No matter what it says on the package….NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING is EVER plug and play. I guess I’ll wait for one of the men folks to get up and give me a hand.


I was running back and forth, up and down the stairs, posting on Facebook, reading advice on Google, and watching YouTube videos on toilet repairs.
Meanwhile, Cyndi, Kenny’s wife, part of my extended Scion Family posted on my Facebook saying to contact her hubby.  Well, about 90 minutes later Kenny, with his son and daughter knocked on my door.  It took Kenny about 30 minutes to get the fill valve out. Turns out I  unscrewed the wrong nut on the bottom of the tank.  I should have unscrewed the bottom nut first, not the top nut.   Whoohoo!  I’m such a happy woman.  Everything is taken apart, ready for me to put the new guts inside tomorrow morning. 🙂
Thanks, Kenny….and thanks Cyndi for letting me borrow your hubby. 🙂
Meanwhile, this is what’s in the oven for today.



Turkey necks, cajun sausage, onions, garlic, a handful of sauerkraut and lots of seasonings.  Pop it in the oven until it falls apart.
I also managed to crochet together a few more rows of squares.  I’m getting there. 🙂

One thought on “Fixing the crapper 12.29.2011”

  1. Praise the Lord for people like Cyndi, Kenny and their children – i am so glad that they were able to help you out! i love good friends like that!yummeh to what was cooking in your oven today. i think i asked this before – but do you want a recipe for making your own sauerkraut? it only uses cabbage, water and sea salt and is to die for!lastly – that afghan looks awesome! i really got to learn to crochet – you have put that thing together pretty quickly and it is so pretty – i love it!your friend,kymber

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