Inspections were for people that have a child that was injured at birth March 8th, 2012

I noticed this when I was inspecting some apartments that were built in the early 50’s.


Are there bars in the peephole to keep people from poking you in the eye?
It’s been a pretty crazy couple of weeks around here.
I have been slammed with inspections and am down to the last two.  Hopefully they will be finished by the end of the week.  Due to these requiring me to make appointments with the home owner, it’s taking a bit longer than I expected.
These latest inspections were for people that have a child that was injured at birth.  It made me realize again how different we all are in how we handle stress, illness, and the sense of being overwhelmed.
One parent was very intoxicated by the time I arrived one morning.
One parent was extremely angry on the phone while I was trying to make the appointment and I was dreading having to deal with him in person, but when I arrived, he was as pleasant as could be.
Another parent, who is suffering from the same type of cancer that Steve Jobs died from and is taking care of her 22 year old son that was injured at birth…….she was just amazing.  I don’t know if I would have the strength.  She is one of those people, that after you talk to them for a few minutes, you feel like you’ve known them for years.
All in all, it’s been two weeks of sadness and complete amazement.

8 thoughts on “Inspections were for people that have a child that was injured at birth March 8th, 2012”

  1. Kymber, I agree, my job is odd, but never a dull moment. 🙂 I should be on here more regular since I'm in the process of making some changes. Hugs right back at you 🙂

  2. i am soooo happy to see you back to blogging, my friend! and yes – what a crazy, strange, odd job that you do. but wow – you get to experience such awesome amazement!hugs to you for being so wonderful! your friend,kymber

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