Cleaning House Sunday March 11th, 2012

After almost four years, my three room mates are in the process of moving out.  Just a few more items and T-Jay and I will have our home back.
  This morning I changed my bedroom back into a living room by removing the temporary wall that closed the living room from the kitchen.  I’m still going to be sleeping there, but it is an incentive for me to hurry up and get the upstairs master bedroom cleaned up from top to bottom.


It was pretty awesome to go to the shed and dig out MY kitchen stuff and organize it in the kitchen. The kitchen is done and so is the dining room.  I cleaned the walls and ceilings of nicotine stains weeks ago right before I told my roomies that I did not want anymore smoking in the house.
It took over a week just to clean the kitchen, dining room and hallway.  There was a brown film over everything, even on the inside of the kitchen cabinets.
After I got home from work last night I kept on working on the downstairs….trying to avoid taking a peek at the two bedrooms that are now empty upstairs.  I haven’t really been in them for the last four years and had no idea what to expect.
Right before I went to bed, I decided to bite the bullet and check the rooms out to see what I have to deal with for the next couple of weeks.
I was almost in tears.
Below is the master bedroom.  The ceiling WAS white and the walls WERE a pale yellow.  The carpet WAS light beige and was only installed five years ago.





Doesn’t it look depressing?
Below is the ceiling.


I went ahead and filled up the Vapor IV.  At least I’ll be able to get it cleaned with little to no chemicals this way.  I just wish I had went ahead to have this room painted with semi gloss paint, like I did the rest of the house.  Right now I’m wondering if I can even get this mess cleaned up.


The carpet is in good shape under that stool….LOL  What a mess!


Upstairs hallway.
I sure am grateful that my son will be able to take care of the other half of the upstairs.  Ha, at least that’s painted in cleanable paint. 🙂
Hopefully I will have new photos that are not as depressing in the next few weeks.
My plan is to first clean the bathroom in the master bedroom so that I can go ahead and move my things in there from the downstairs half bath.  Then I will tackle the walk-in closet so that I can move my clothes in there that are now hanging in the make believe closet in the living room.  Then the rest of the master bedroom so that I can move my bed etc in there.  After that I will concentrate on making
the living room downstairs into a real living room.
Might have to pick up some furniture somewhere, but that can wait.
I just want the stink out of there!

3 thoughts on “Cleaning House Sunday March 11th, 2012”

  1. oh Tango, hon – so glad that you get your house back but yikes – it is a bit of a mess!!! try using this recipe:1 tablespoon of dish washing liquid1 tablespoon of bleach2 tablespoons of fresh squeezed lemon4 cups of warm wateri use that recipe to clean my stove! and to clean everything else! it should work on your walls, ceiling and carpet. give it a try and let me know what you think!i know that you don't like chemicals – neither do i – but a tablespoon of bleach is better than using a whole pile of chemicals in a commercial cleaning blend!so sorry, my friend. wish i was there to help out!your friend,kymber

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