Finishing Master Bedroom, weight down to 154 March 17th, 2012

I just got in an hour ago.  So much for getting off at 7 PM….oh well,
tomorrow is another day.
I finished cleaning the master bedroom on Thursday and moved my bed upstairs.  Then all I was waiting on was the carpet cleaner.  The carpet cleaner came in today and I had planned to clean some carpet tonight, but it’s late and I have to perform an inspection in Ashburn in the morning before I go into Millers’ at noon.  I’ll get to it tomorrow night when I get off.

All in all, it’s looking pretty good in here.  Still have one more bedroom and the hallway to get clean.  Then the carpet and the stairs.

It’s a quiet Saturday night in the neighborhood.  The cherry tree that my mom and step-pop planted when they bought this house is already blooming.  The flower bed on the right is all cleaned out and ready for some
goodies to be planted.


My gnomes are guarding the house. 🙂


I got on the scale for the first time in two weeks this morning.  To my surprise, I have lost eight pounds without even trying.  I was afraid to get on it thinking that  I had gained some weight back.    Must have been all that ripping and running up and down the stairs to get my bedroom ready. 🙂  Strange, even though I’m down to 154, when I look in the mirror, I still look fat to me.

10 thoughts on “Finishing Master Bedroom, weight down to 154 March 17th, 2012”

  1. Sue…believe me, I'm tired of cleaning, that's for sure!! I'm 5'6"..that's short to me. 🙂 Been battling weight all my life, but I think I've got it beat this time around.I'll have to put my sign back up. It says "spank the gnome, 25 cent."

  2. Tango, I'm tired just reading about all your cleaning and organising! lol I just went out to weed my little raised bed and got about 1 square foot done and I was pooped!Imagine losing almost 10 pounds without thinking about it. I just gained 4 without thinking about it too! Hahaha! Are you short? 154 pounds sounds pretty good to me even if you are short.I had to smile at your mooning gnome. Too funny!

  3. Kymber…!!! How cute is that! I saw one with a mini lion's head door knocker 🙂 I'll have to get one for my cherry tree. :)Looks like you too have your work cut out for you!! 10 acres :)No, not corny at all. I think it's a lovely idea. Had never heard of this.

  4. Tango – go here to see pics of gnome doors: of places sell them but jambaloney and i want to make our own – i think they are the sweetest things in the world!!!faery doors are pretty much the same thing. back at my old house in the city i had gnome doors and faery doors and windows all over the yard. i also had a faery/gnome "salvation army good will store". i would put brightly-coloured strips of fabric in the "good will store" (small, wooden boxes placed around the yard and guess what – faeries and gnomes would come and get some free fabric to make clothes (actually it was birds taking the strips for nests – awesome eh?)we did this kind of stuff when we were children – i love faeries and gnomes and the idea of their existence!hope you don't find all of this too corny. i can't wait to get my faery/gnome doors set up here. i have 10 acres of trees that i need to make doors for. teehee!your friend,kymber

  5. Tango – i love garden gnomes – especially "mooning" ones! jambaloney and i will make gnome doors for all of our favourite trees this year and i am also putting in a faery door near our front door!yes i remember Kenny and Cyndi but didn't know that you sold the RV to them. if you posted about that i must have missed it. but glad that it went to a good home!hugs back!

  6. Kymber….lol, I love to be mooned by my gnome when I get home.I'm going to keep staying in the townhouse….for now. 🙂 Remember Kenny and Cyndi? They are the friends of mine whose property I parked the RV at. They ended up buying it from me and using it as a vacation get away at a resort not too far from here.Hugs, Tango

  7. gald to hear that you are getting it all cleaned up – good job, gurl! that cherry tree is beautiful – and i love the gnomes – teehee! i also love your new car – it's awesome!you still didn't say what your intentions are in regards to the house and RV. are you planning on staying in the house or selling it?your friend,kymber

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