Getting Living Room Cleaned up March 21st, 2012

Cleaned one wall and a part of the ceiling in the living room this morning.  After that I moved my little office to the clean side.  One of the rugs that my mom gave me is covering a butt ugly spot on the wall. 🙂  I’ve got little rugs everywhere and it feels warm and comfortable in here now.



Another thing I picked up from my mom’s was this beautiful lamp.  I had found the perfect place for it, but then I ran into a big problem…..



I will tackle another living room wall in the morning.  Maybe I’ll get finished with this room by the weekend.  Then it’s off to finish the hallway.  Slowly but surely, everything is coming together.
My bedroom still is not dry and was  smelling pretty funky.  I stopped by a store and bought a couple of containers of baking soda based carpet powder.  I emptied one of those container as soon as I got home.  I sure do hope that the humidity lets up a bit tomorrow so that it can finally dry out.

3 thoughts on “Getting Living Room Cleaned up March 21st, 2012”

  1. Kymber…please thank Jambaloney for me…that's a great idea. I agree it is too beautiful not to use.I've got the fan running in my room again. It's getting a bit drier, just not fast enough for me. My pussy didn't even want to sleep with me last night. She slept downstairs.

  2. it's really coming along girl and i love the rugs! i love that lamp too and jambaloney says that you might be able to find an adapter at Radio Shack or some place like that. but make sure to take the lamp with you and ask someone for help. it is too beautiful not to use! keep up the good work with the cleaning and keep taking pics – i love pics! and good luck with that funky smelling carpet!

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