Pink Snow? March 25th, 2012


Kinda looks like snow, doesn’t it??



The iQuteness was covered with them so bad that I had to hose her off before I left for a car chase this morning.  I need to get it off of the sidewalk because no matter how hard T-Jay and I try, we keep tracking it in the house.   This morning it looked like someone had puked in the hall way until you look closely and realize that they are lumps of  flower pedals from the cherry tree.
The weirdest thing happened to me a couple of days ago.  Got up, made a cup of coffee and didn’t like the taste of it.  No changes as in water or coffee….I just didn’t like it.  The next morning the same thing.  I’ve never heard of this before.  I’ve been drinking coffee for 40 years, every day, now all the sudden I don’t like the taste anymore?    This morning I had  rooibois, my favorite tea,  instead.  Must have needed the caffeine because I had the hardest time staying awake on my long drive to Boston, VA.  Almost had to pull over a few times.  Did make it home okay.  I guess my body will have to get used to functioning without it.

6 thoughts on “Pink Snow? March 25th, 2012”

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