Helicopters making a mess April 17th, 2012

Every year around this time I bitch and moan about the helicopters coming down from my maple tree in the back yard.  They are everywhere and this was only this morning.  I’ve been sweeping them up every day.   It’s supposed to rain this weekend, so they’ve got to go before the rain hits them.  Those rat bastards will grow on anything.
Once the tree stops pooping her seeds everywhere, I’m a happy camper.  She does give some awesome shade in the summer time. 🙂
I cooked a vegetable stew this morning and put the scraps in my blender with some water.  Then I gave it to the few plants that I’ve got growing already.  I hate to use fresh water to put outside so I save all my wash water in a bucket for the plants.  Everything is starting to sprout.  Maybe next week I’ll start putting stuff in the ground.


I was going to use my capsule machine to make some vitamin C, but ended up filling the capsules by hand instead.  The powder is not fine enough, plus it is kind of sticky so the machine would not work.  Tomorrow I’ll do some Turmeric, I know the machine will work for that. 🙂


LOL…this is how my crazy pussy keeps her feet warm.  Sometimes I walk into the room and the other monitor will have all kind of crazy stuff going on due to her feet being on the keyboard.  She broke the Chrome browser a couple of days ago, so I’ll have to re-install it.  It’s Firefox for now.
I haven’t decided on what to do about the concrete floor yet.  I know it will be awfully cold in the winter without carpet, but carpet sure is expensive!  I did stop by a place called the Weekend Carpet Warehouse and they had a couple of big rolls of carpet on sale called “my mistake”.  This is carpet that was installed  and then pulled back up because it was the wrong color.   I guess I could get two different colors and make some kind of design out of it?  I need about 280 sq ft.
While I’m making up my mind about what to put on the floor, I’m going to put rollers on the bookcaseonitsside aka  my desk and anything else I can put rollers on.  The stuff is just too heavy to keep on moving around.  I’m usually by myself when I get these hairbrained ideas about my furniture so I figure I’ll make it a bit easier on myself.


This is what I’m seeing out of my window at my desk at work.  Isn’t it beautiful?

9 thoughts on “Helicopters making a mess April 17th, 2012”

  1. Sue….you are right about carpet never getting clean. I've decided to take my time to find covering for it. Maybe check Craislist for carpet left overs. I wish I could get wood, bamboo, or even cork, but that stuff just isn't in my budget.LOL…it was funny to me too. Can never stay mad at her and she was just trying to get her feet warm. Hope that you are feeling well!!

  2. Cement may be cold, but you can never really get carpet clean, so I wouldn't be too unhappy about not having it myself. Have you thought of click-lock wood or bamboo?Love your naughty kitty…that was too funny that she crashed your chrome, well probably not for you, but it was funny! lol

  3. Kymber…I'm thinking about putting mine in the ground by next week. I looked at them this morning and they are sprouting like crazy.

  4. i'm with Joey about your crazy cat – bahahahah! good luck getting your seedlings in the ground – i will have to wait another few weeks but everything i have started is germinating – woohoo! and that is a lovely pic of the sky!your friend,kymber

  5. Interesting project: I've got a set of 4 plastic casters. I'm coming in tomorrow anyway and I could bring them for you to check out?

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