Busy and new LDN order MAY 12, 2012

No shortage of Maple trees here…


Damn!! Why is it so hard to start writing after such a long time???
Nothing new is happening on my end lately.  Still need to finish cleaning the house, still need to do something about the concrete floor in the living room.  The garden is growing a bit and my beans actually have blossoms on them.  I didn’t want to spend any more money on good soil, so I hope the plants will be okay with what they have.
I’m awfully short on time lately due to one of the workers at Millers’ quitting, so I’m putting in even more hours until we hire someone new.  It’s hard to get anything done besides work.  We are closing for Mother’s Day tomorrow and I don’t have any chases scheduled until Tuesday morning.  Tomorrow I’ll go visit my Mom and hang out a while. Maybe when I get back home I’ll tackle cleaning the stairway walls.  I really need to get it done while it is cool and I can keep windows open incase I need to pull out chemicals to get it clean.
Fantastic news in the bill department.  Did I tell you that I hate to pay for water and electric?  Well, this past month the electric bill to my all electric home was $89 and the water bill was $39.  This is the lowest utility bills I have EVER had since 1998 and it is just awesome!!!!
I ordered a new supply of Naltrexone (LDN).  I still have about a six week supply, but I don’t want to take a chance of running out and having to wait six weeks to get a new batch.  LDN has cleared up another issue which I didn’t realize until I used regular fingernail clippers to cut my toe nails.  Usually I have  to use these little pliers due to the thickness of the nails.  I’ve been plagued by tonail fungus for so many years and nothing has ever helped.   I can actually wear sandals now.  It’s amazing what the immune system can do when it works properly.
I now have a pretty impressive list of things that LDN has taken care of…..
Pre-cancerous skin has not returned.
No more migraines.
No colds.
No pain from bones spurs in elbows.
No more boils.
Toenails clear, thinning and almost back to normal.
No more bladder control issues.
Great sleep.
Great energy and feeling of well being.
Live is good! 🙂
Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. 
I hope you get spoiled tomorrow!!

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