Old Bread, new Dryer

Kabocha blooming, but I don’t see any baby Kabocha.  WTF?


I haven’t thrown this bread, that was “fresh until Apr 26”, away yet.  It’s just amazing that it still hasn’t grown any mold.  It doesn’t even smell old.  I know that I will never eat store bought bread again.  Can you imagine all the chemicals  in there that keeps it preserved?  This isn’t food!





I just finished making a fresh batch of LDN.  LOL….This is the only thing that tastes so nasty, that I have ever taken for such a long time.




My pussy is watching the bird in the nest in the tree.  I was letting her out without the leash, but she started to wander.  She would climb the tree and then jump over the fence.  I’m glad that she comes when I call her.  She never went too far, but she did get into the back yard of my neighbor four townhouses down from me.  My neighbor complained.
Silly woman, all she had to do is chase her out of her yard.  My pussy doesn’t even look like  a dangerous animal, does she?




This is my new dryer.  It works really well and holds a huge amount of clothing.  When it’s not in use, it just folds up and I put it in the shed.  The only thing I miss about having an electric dryer is the anti-fuzz action and the lint trap.  Plus, clothing comes out a lot softer.  The thing I don’t miss is the electric bill. 🙂


This is going to be a super long weekend.  We are having a special at Millers’ and will be open for 17 hours tomorrow.  I have no idea how long I will be there, but it’s going to be a long day.  I wonder if we will have any customers around midnight.

6 thoughts on “Old Bread, new Dryer”

  1. Tango, in my limited gardening experience those blooms on your squash plants look like males. The female blossoms grow on the vines and turn into squash once they are pollenated. I thought it all happened on the same plant and that you just have to be patient, but then I'm just learning about veggie gardening and could be wrong! I hope you see some female flowers soon 🙂

  2. Joe….yep if I found a speck of mold, I would be so excited.I had a tumble dryer too, but it died on me. If I hadn't noticed the huge decrease in my electric bill, I would have bought me another one by now.

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