The Things I Do To Keep Out Of Jail… 10/7/2012

……LOL, not really, but it keeps me busy and out of trouble.

I hate to wear gloves, but my hands get so cold in the winter at work, that I can hardly type on the keyboard.  So I decided to look for a pattern for fingerless gloves…uncomplicated and fast.

It all started with this video


I then switched the pattern over to crocheting and made a few to show to my mom.  She then took them to her yoga class and sold some of them.

So now I have a few orders coming in for fingerless gloves in different colors.  One of them is brown with black and black with brown.  I’m having a real issue finding brown yarn.  Everyone in this town seems to be out of stock.   I won’t order it online because I’m trying to keep the cost down, so I’ll just keep looking until I find it.

Today is our first cold day.  It will only get up to the low 50’s and tonight should get down to 38.  I think it’s high time I make a couple of pairs for myself!


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