Doom and Gloom 10/28/2012

Looks like we won’t see the sun for a few days as Sandy is on her way.  It feels a bit strange outside.  One minute the wind blows, the next you don’t see a leaf moving.

People are freaking out and emptying the grocery stores.  There was a lot of traffic on the street behind my subdivision  late last night.  Usually, it gets quiet on that street after 10 PM.  There is a Wal-Mart about a quarter of a mile from me and that’s probably where all that traffic was heading.

High wind warning issues for Northern Virginia starting at noon tomorrow.  Looks like the mess will REALLY get started right around the time I get off of work tomorrow night.

My idiot neighbors are already putting their giant trash cans on the sidewalk.  It’s going to be windy as hell and they won’t pick up until around 4 PM tomorrow afternoon.  We will have flying trash cans galore! Rat Bastards!

  😦     I want to bring my car inside.

I’ve been very fortunate here.  Since I bought this home in 1998, the lights have only flickered three times and have never actually gone off.  All the lines here are underground.  I hope that I will continue to be this fortunate!

Meanwhile my mom and pop are getting ready for a week or more of no electric. Luckily they do have a generator.

I wonder if anyone is buying a car today.  We never know and it’s impossible to predict.

If it’s slow this afternoon, I have plenty of reading material.  I’ve been reading this blog,  Dear Miss Mermaid , for the last three days.    I’m up to February of 2011.  After I get all caught up, I want to buy her book, Hurricanes & Hangovers . Right now she is living with her tiny dog, Wolfman Harley, in her motor home about 2 miles from the coast of Florida.  It’s not often that I get totally involved in someone else’s life, but once I got started, I couldn’t stop.



2 thoughts on “Doom and Gloom 10/28/2012”

  1. We’ve been downgraded to a tropical storm with 4 days of rain and gusting winds starting tonight. Renoman is out helping a neighbour who started to redo her roof a few days ago and got stuck for time to get it finished as she had to work a 12 hour shift today.

    My man spearheaded getting some guys out there today to finish the job before the rain starts. It blustery and darkening now. We’ve been told that the storm can change its path any time and to keep a watch on updates. Keep dry and safe, friend.

    1. Wow…I thought for sure that we would be hit before you. Nothing much here yet. It’s been looking a feeling like the sky is going to burst open with rain, but no rain yet.
      Nice of Renoman to help out your neighbor. I know she must be relieved that it will be done before the weather changes for the worse.
      You keep safe and dry too, Sue. Hugs, Tango

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