Becoming a Watkins Associate

Last weekend I became an independent Watkins associate.  Something else to bring in a few bucks.  Watkins has been around for more than a hundred years.  They carry items that I use every day and the whole retail business  side is mobile and can be done anywhere in the US and Canada.   I should have started earlier so that I could take full advantage of the holiday season.


I ordered a few items and some business cards this morning, so hopefully I will get them in a few days. I found a few of their items at Wal-mart and at Target. While I’m waiting on my order, I put to use a few sheets of Avery post card stock paper I had and made up some cards with my info on it.    I’m getting myself familiar with their products via their website.   I wish I would have had time to order a few catalogues for  Christmas, but it was too late.  Instead I ordered catalogues for next year.  That’s fine too, after all 2013 is right around the corner.


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