Aluminum Foil and Duct Tape are my Friends 04/27/2009

When I came back from my inspections this morning, it was around 2 PM. I got inside the door and turned the air conditioning on and closed up all the windows. 

Then I put up some energy saving heavy duty curtains in the bedroom. They were way too long so I draped them over the curtain rod and and pinned them up. 

Then I got out the aluminum foil and duct tape and covered the other windows that catch most of the sun during the day and can’t really be seen from the outside. 

I also covered the sky light in my shower. All the glass was super hot to the touch….I could have fried eggs on them. Much better now. Of course, Silly doesn’t like it much since I covered up one of her favorite spots that she uses to mess with Kenny and Cyndi’s dogs. She’ll get over it….come winter it will be like a brand new play spot when I tear all the coverings down to catch all the sun I can to warm things up.

The weirdest thing happened when I got up this morning. I looked from the bedroom into the living room and noticed all this light. I thought it was really strange since there isn’t a lamp in that area. So I walk in to see what’s up….and there it was, the front door wide open and just the flimsy screen door latched. LOL, it is so dark out here at night, that I didn’t notice the door was still open when I went to bed. I sure am glad I live in the country. 🙂

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