Chasing Cars on Easter Sunday 04/11/2009

With working 7 days a week lately, I’ve totally lost track of time. On Saturdays, I always work all day at the dealership and don’t have time to do any field inspections. Any assignments that come in on Friday, and most are due in 48 hours, I plan to do on Sundays.

I totally forgot about tomorrow being Easter Sunday. I wonder how I will be received when I’m knocking on doors of those people that have gotten behind in there car notes? I kind of wish that I had already received my conceal to carry permit. I know a couple of times it would have made me feel better that I had my weapon on me instead of at home……just in case.

Sometimes it get’s a bit weird when I get sent out 30 miles away in the woods leaving paved streets behind me. So far only one assignment actually made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

I was sent out to a little town about 50 miles away….in the boonies. I was to inspect a business and equipment that the business had been late paying for. It was pouring down rain and I was on this one lane part gravel, part dirt road. For over a mile the road was so steep going up and down, that I had to drive my poor xB in either first gear or with my foot on the brake.

When I finally got to the address there was an older man sitting in a truck, in the rain. He told me that I was looking for his son that lives a mile down the other road. When I got to the son’s address I saw that there was no business signage and I took pictures of the place before I knocked on the door.

A young man answered the door telling me that he was the guy’s brother, visiting from out of state, and after a pause, he told me his name. He also told me he didn’t know his brother’s phone number or anything about the business that I was looking for….WTF ???? I gave him the “Demand Letter” that I had prepared and then got into the car to phone the lender.

The rain had gotten worse then. When I looked back at the house that I had just left, the supposed brother was sitting out on the porch in a rocking chair staring at me and getting soaked. Needless to say, I was pretty happy to get my butt out of there.

I’m glad that all three of the inspections for tomorrow will take place in well-populated areas.


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