Living With A C-Rex 04/07/2009

Yes, I’m living with her, she’s not living with me.
Her name is Silly short for Miss Furrydance Esyld.
Silly is a purebred Cornish Rex with a very short, hardly shedding, curly coat and I think she was a dog in per previous life.
I’ve had Silly for a month and a half.
It all started back in January when I was feeling a bit lonely here by myself, but not lonely for a human. I knew I didn’t want a dog again and thought about getting a cat. Then I almost pushed that idea aside since my favorite color is black and I wouldn’t be able to deal with cat hair all over everything. Then there is also the independent issue. I’ve seen many grown cats that only want to get close to you when it’s feeding time. When their bellies are full, we humans don’t seem to exist.
So I Googled low shedding cats and found a breed that would be perfect….the Cornish Rex. Of course, I never thought that I would be able to get one because all the breeders I found were way out of the state of Virginia.
Then I lucked out and found dear Teri, she’s the owner of the Furry Dance Cattery, in Woodbridge, VA. I was so happy to find someone close by. Teri let me adopt Silly on February 15th.
Silly is very unusual.
She brings me her toys so that I can throw them for her to fetch.
She hugs my legs when I get home and fusses up a storm for at least 10 minutes.
At night she gets on my pillow and then scratches on the blanket until I lift it up. Then she burrows down to my feet, puts her cold feet on my legs and goes to sleep. In the morning she wakes me up and then goes back to bed until it’s time for me to make the bed up.
I have a large folded blanket on the couch in the living room that she drags all the way to the bed….I don’t know what that’s about yet.
I’ve never seen a cat so happy when I clean her litter box in the morning. She is so excited and has to watch my every move. Then when I put the box where it belongs she right away has to spread out the new litter that I put in there.
I have to tighten the faucet handles in the kitchen sink because she will turn the water on to drink from.
All I have to do is rattle her harness and she knows it’s time for a walk….unless the ground is wet, of course.
When I use the lint roller on my clothes, I have to roll her fur too.
She loves Ramen noodles.
She knows what “No” means.
She gets bathed every month…doesn’t like it, but puts up with it.
Same with clipping her nails.
It seems like I have a permanent two-year-old living with me. The energy and the things she comes up with to amuse herself are amazing.
I feel like I’ve had her forever and can’t imagine life without her.


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