Black Berry and Coffee 06/16/2009


This is a Blackberry bush that I’ve been keeping my eyes on for the past couple of months. I can’t wait until they ripen. They are a little bigger than peas right now.

On my way to Maryland for an inspection, I stopped by a roadside fruit and veggie stand. There I bought a jar of Amish Blackberry Butter….with out the butter. It was awesome tasting and last night I googled the shit out of it for a recipe to no avail.

I’m still hoping that I will find one.

Last night I received two inspections (car chases), one in Woodbridge, the other in Leesburg. I hate it when they are at opposite ends! 😦 I’m waiting to see if I will get a couple more to fill the cap in between.

Got to get fuel today, I’m running on fumes! I haven’t changed the extend of my territory, but I will if the prices keep on rising as they are. So far I’ve been lucky to be able to clump my car chases together.

Last night I got quite a few chuckles over my absolutely beautiful pair of bright orange/pink Crocs. Why couldn’t my Mom have given me a pair of black ones? Ah, let me quit bitching. If it wasn’t for her giving me those, I guess I would be going barefoot. LOL…At this rate, I’ll be back in my boots by August. 

My thoughts are with my little sister today. She’s giving her notice to leave her job. She’s been miserable there for a long time now and her misery was beginning to spill over into her home life. It’s very stressful when work and home both get crappy. Life is short and you have to make changes to make yourself happy!

Safeway is out of my favorite coffee, Millstone’s Organic Mayan Black Onyx, AGAIN!! 🙂 WTF??? I know if I was selling it and ran out of it after two weeks, I would order enough so I would have enough to sell for the entire month. I don’t get it! The sales rep is an idiot!!! Doesn’t she understand that she can’t make money if she’s out of product?

Remember the gig that I’m doing for a company that requires me to log in my junk mail? Every day or two I get large envelopes. When I open them, they are filled with sheets of high-quality blank paper. Since it’s blank, I save it. LOL…In a couple of days, I’ll have saved an entire ream of paper. Paper is one thing that I won’t have to buy this week. I still don’t get what the point of this is and the company is not very forthcoming in information, but…who cares, as long as they are paying me for it.

Mmmmmhhhh….do I seem more bitchy than usual to you?


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