Casino Night Update 06/19/2009

Grand prizes for Casino Night have been purchased. People are really getting excited. 

So far, 82 people have pre-registered and it looks like we are going to have a packed house. I’ll be manning ( that a word? Ha, guess not!) the table outside at the entrance of the dealership. Making sure everybody gets their bracelets and funny money.

I was thinking of the workers at Hooter’s last night. They don’t know what they’re in for when we all show up at 10 PM for a couple of drinks. LOL…Our crew tends to take over restaurants. Luckily we are a respectful, peaceful bunch!!

I’m bringing my camera and the Flip Video. I want to make sure we get plenty of pictures! My sister will be there and I hope she brings her camera. Her pictures are awesome. She really has an eye for photography.

Talking about my sister, I am so happy for her. She handed in her resignation at her job yesterday and starts a new job on the 6th. Hopefully, this one won’t take over her entire life!! 🙂

Sometime this afternoon, I have to get the Evil Twin washed. It looks like I’ve been off-roading in her. Not to mention about 300 miles of bugs.

Silly kept me laughing last night. I accidentally let in a glow worm last night and she spent an hour playing with it, bouncing off the walls. She would catch it with her paws, but wouldn’t kill it. This morning it was still alive and crawling/flying around. LOL…Silly is knocked out in my bed again.

I’m so glad the sun came out yesterday. I ran into a bush on the corner of Kenny’s house on the way to my door the night before last. All my solar lights had finally petered out. It gets dark as shit out here!

I see Kenny’s home today. Sucks that they switched your days off away from Sundays! ….and it sucks that you and Cyndi can’t join us at the Hooter’s Takeover!!! 😦

Well, time to get back to work. I hope everyone has a lovely Friday 🙂


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