Chasing Cars and Noisy Neighbors 07/12/2009

I didn’t find the Maxima during my lunch hour today. Shit, I couldn’t even find a neighbor to verify that the owner lived at the address. It’s funny how many people live next to each other for years and don’t even know each others name.

I went back after I got off at Miller’s. The car still was not there. I decided to wait and see. So I parked and did some paperwork. I can’t knock on anybody’s door after 8 PM and it was just 7:40. Finally, I saw the black Maxima pull into the driveway and then into the garage at 7:57. I left after talking to the daughter, verifying the address as the borrower’s and photos of the collateral.

On the way home I was driving behind a pickup truck that looked familiar. Turns out that I went to see the driver a week ago about that truck. He must have seen me and recognized my car, it’s not like I’m hard to miss. He hauled ass into the left lane in between cars and made a u-turn, hauled ass down the street going the other way and then into a subdivision. LOL….I don’t know what he thought I was going to do. Apparently, he didn’t pay his truck note as he promised?

He had me cracking up!!!


I am really beat right now. It’s almost midnight and I would love to go to sleep NOW, but some neighbors behind the woods seem to have a live and not very good band playing. A lot of screaming and off-key singing with drums and some electric guitars.

If I wasn’t already in my night clothes, I’d jump into the Evil Twin and join them. After all, they are playing so loud that I can’t go to sleep. To me this is an open invitation. I do hope they stop at midnight. Else I’m putting my street clothes back on….inconsiderate bastards!!!


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