Happy Humpday!! 05/13/2009

I keep getting phone calls on my cell phone that my Harley payment is late and that I need to call them immediately.

I don’t own a Harley.

….but I did have inspection involving a Harley. The Harley was not there, but I believe the owner was. The man answering the door told me that the person that I was looking for was a border at that address, but that he had moved to North Carolina somewhere. He comes back now and then, but he didn’t know when. So I ask him: He moved to North Carolina, but pays you money for a room? Did he take the Bike? He said he didn’t know and he didn’t want to answer any of my questions…didn’t want to accept the letter I had either. He clammed up and got more aggravated, so I decided to leave.

Last night I had already found the man’s phone number and also found out that the man that I was looking for had owned the house at that address since 1989.

When I got back to my car, I called the lender and told them what was going on. I gave them the number that was linked to the name and address. I also told them, if you call right now…he is at home and will probably answer the phone. They thanked me and I went home to finished the paperwork for the day.

…so while I’m driving to my night job, the phone rings. I don’t answer the phone while driving and got the message a few minutes ago. It was from the lender about the Harley.

The idiots called the number of the phone from which I was calling instead of the number that I gave them.


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