Misc 07/09/2009

Silly on bug patrol last night after I clipped her nails.


My boils are still going down and I just have a band-aid on it to keep it from rubbing when I get in and out of my car. Woohooo!!!! 🙂


I see that this morning my client has removed the assignment that’s out of my zip code area. Ha, they know better!! They have my list! Trying to be slick!!!

I guess I’ll go back to Catalpa today and try to find that elusive house in the woods.


Once a week I go through my spam folder to make sure nothing important got filed in there. It always makes me laugh, especially the penis enlargement offers. It beats me why I’m not getting any offers for boob enlargement since I have them! On the other hand, penis enlargement would take major construction.


My printhead came in yesterday, so hopefully, my printer will be back up and running tonight. I hope I won’t give into the temptation of buying cheap ink again!!!


mmmmhhhh….tomato and cucumber on German sunflower rye bread. A few months ago that wouldn’t have satisfied me. Four or five fried eggs with some kind of meat, cheese on two slices of bread would have been more like it. My pants are getting loose and if this keeps up I might have to break down and buy a belt to keep them up with all the equipment I have to carry around with me when I go on inspections. Pepper spray, keys, blackberry, 2 cameras, sometimes my handgun, and other misc. stuff. It’s no wonder that I keep on having to pull up my pants. 

I am so happy that taking 5-HTP has finally turned off that “I’m not satisfied until I’m stuffed to the max” switch. It’s pretty amazing how little we really need to eat to survive.


Well, time to hit the road. I hope everyone has a splendid day. 🙂


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