Boil, Turmeric, Work, Permit. Ranting, 07/08/2009

What a beautiful morning it is!!! 🙂

My boils have gone down and there is no more swelling. They are still sore to the touch and hard in places, but that I can deal that. 

I stopped taking the antibiotic that I was given for the Tick bite when it went down to normal on Monday, so that doesn’t have anything to do with the boils going down.

The day before yesterday I could hardly walk because they were so swollen that they would rub against the other thigh.

This is day three of taking 4 packed capsules of Turmeric three times a day. I do notice that I drink more than usual.

Turmeric is also used for Diarrhea and to keep me regular, I eat 3 Bran Crispbread crackers a day. I started eating these way back when I was doing low-carb dieting to keep me regular. (See Darev…LOL..I talk about shit too!) It tastes like cardboard so I usually top it with Cream Cheese or with Liverwurst and a slice of Tomato. 

My Mom and I buy these by the case, it’s much cheaper than going to the health food store.


Ha, I’ve been thinking of my Mom all morning. That explains why most of my nouns are capitalized…the German is coming out.


I spent four hours in Catalpa, VA yesterday looking for the property that I needed to inspect. The 355 acres are broken up in four pieces. One piece has a house on it, which I couldn’t find.

I went to look at maps in the county building and at the zoning department. Neither one of them had any records of the house. Weird!

I set off the metal detector at the courthouse. I forgot to take my camera out of the side pocket of my pants. Afterward, the officer said “thank you, sir” by accident. I told him that I better get that boob job that I’ve been putting off.

I’ll go back sometime this week. I did talk to a neighbor next to one of the parcels. He explained the different parcels to me. Maybe I’ll ask him to come with me to help me locate that house.

I’d give up on this one, but this is the first assignment that I’ve gotten from this client and I want to get my foot in their door.


I got a letter from the county about my conceal to carry permit. They want a certified copy of a disposition regarding charges issued in Baton Rouge, LA.

I was working in a club when they got raided because the owner was putting LTD whiskey in his Crown Royal bottles. The LTD was around $5 a half gallon and tasted and smelled just like Crown Royal. Everybody that worked there was hauled to jail that day. Later charges were dismissed and the owner was fined.

This was 29 fucking years ago!!!

I’m hoping that the immigration attorney that helped me when I applied for citizenship because Immigration had lost all my paperwork, still has these papers when the same thing came up 4 years ago.


One of my clients is trying to be slick and gave me an assignment that is out of my zip code area. I gave them a list of zip codes that I would cover up to 25 miles away. This address is over 30 miles away from me. Bastards!! I wrote them a nice little note and am waiting on them to get back to me.


Well, that’s enough with the ranting.
Now…where to start first.


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