Moving Furniture, Lucy’s Home and little Mod 06/24/2009

I had to do some rearranging this morning to get rid of this pain I was getting in the back of my neck. This was due to my chair at my desk being about an inch lower in the rear than in the front. My chair was straddling the bump out and the main floor. It looks like this is going to be much better. I will see once I work on the computer for a couple of hours. 🙂 Now the extra monitor sits on the shelf right in back of my laptop instead of to the side

Lucy’s home!!! I received permission to take her home finally around 2:30 PM yesterday. They are so backed up now. I doubt that anybody will be able to take a handgun home right after purchase for a while.

It took me almost half an hour to get used to loading the clips. My thumbs and fingers are sore as hell! It was much easier with the P22, but I guess I’ll get used to it. LOL…I need to go and break her in.

Once you get the bug to modify a vehicle, it is really hard not to. I can’t afford any major modifications, but every once in a while I just have to get a little something to change the look of my 1st Gen Scion xB.

……….so last night I ordered the rear badge for the 2010 Prius. I should get it tomorrow and I’ll be looking for that roll of fishing wire that’s in here somewhere to remove my Scion badge off of the rear hatch.


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