My Sis the Trucker 06/29/2009

This is the truck that my middle sister and her husband are driving and living in. She does the driving and hubby does the maintenance. She’s never had an accident and gets a new truck every year. They have been doing this for 20 some years. 

Guy…. and you thought that I live in a bread box. 

We see each other usually twice a year since they mostly run up and down the west coast. It was nice to find my little sister on Facebook last week. 🙂


It’s “scale day Monday”. I’m now down 27 pounds. Woohoo!! I’m such a happy woman 🙂

I’m almost out of 5-HTP, so I’ll stop by the Vitamin Shop this afternoon to get another bottle.

T-Jay has been taking it for about three of weeks now. It really seems to be helping him in the sleep and mood department. It’s nice to have my little boy back. 🙂


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