Scion xD Release Series 2.0 07/04/2009

^^^^ Our first Scion xD Release Series 2.0 came into the dealership last night. The color is called “Electric Wasabi”. We have the number 328 car out of 1,600 made.

^^^^^^I drove this xD for two weeks while I was waiting for the Evil Twin to get out of the shop after having a run-in with a deer. I told my insurance company that I had to have a Scion as a rental and Miller’s happened to have one that they used as a loaner. It’s a peppy little car. 🙂

I had a car show to go to that weekend, so Miller’s agreed for me to have Pag put some vinyl graphics on the car. LOL, I won two awards that day.


Joe….cleaning the printhead didn’t work for my printer. I did find a printhead replacement for 53 bucks, so I guess I’ll be back in business sometime next week. No more cheap ink for me.


I hope that everyone has a great holiday weekend. I don’t know what I’m doing tonight yet, but what ever it is, it won’t be too far from home base.


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