TGIF? 05/15/2009

lol….Friday is just another day. I think the last time I had weekends off was in early 2007.

Today has been a super day, though. I finally finished correcting all my screw ups in my paperwork for one of my clients. Haven’t heard anything back, so I’m hoping it’s all good.

Safeway finally got my favorite coffee back in. I happened to go by there and there it was. Even after all the bitching I did, not one person was good enough to call me to let me know that it had come in… much for customer service.

Gave Silly her bath. She’s been looking at me kinda evil all day. I wonder if she’s plotting up on me? I hope she gets over it by the time I get back home tonight.

I finally caught up on much-needed sleep last night and I feel AWESOME! All is good in the world, well, today in mine anyway. I’ve been taking 200 mg of 5-htp a day and have not taken anything to make me fall asleep since Monday. The painkillers weren’t helping anyway. It’s so nice to just be able to fall asleep. The 5-HTP is also having a really nice side effect. I’ve lost 3 pounds and haven’t changed my diet. I just don’t have that urge to eat until I can’t eat anymore.


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