Thursday Rant Day 04/30/2009

Late yesterday afternoon I received a call from a man, Vincent, at the dealership. He had just been in an accident close to Roosevelt Bridge and was wondering if we had a tow truck and how long would we be open so that he could have it towed to our dealership.

I told him that our dealership didn’t have a tow truck and offered to Google him up a towing company. The first thing that came up was Henry’s Wrecker Service and I gave him the number. I also told him that we outsource our bodywork and that the car would have to be towed to the body shop first.

I recommended Mr Spoiler and gave him Dan’s number. Dan is absolutely anal about his work and he has re-installed and re-painted a body kit on “Lexy” for me. He has also taken care of a deer incident with “The Evil Twin”. Many of our NoVA Scion Evolution members have taken their Scions there. Dan is known to take on insurance companies, to make sure that everything is repaired and done perfect, in a New York Second.

….anyway, I’m getting off track. So Henry’s sends out a tow truck and picks up the man and the car.

On the way to Mr Spoiler, Vincent calls me back and says that the driver is telling him that the car has to go to our dealership because we have an account with them and that we will pay for it. This is crazy….I told him that we do not have a body shop and that if the car is dropped off here, it will be towed away in the morning because it has no official business here. WE DO NOT HAVE A BODY SHOP!!

The driver keeps arguing and I can hear him talking to his dispatcher in the back ground. This went back and forth for about 10 minutes and I was getting nowhere!!!

Finally, I told the driver, forget that I happened to be at a dealership and pretend that the man had just called a neighbor or who ever to get the number of a tow truck…then what would this argument be about?

I was sooooooo pissed!! I was so worked up last night that it took forever for me to get to sleep.

When Vincent first called I had made a note of Henry’s number in our desk area in case we needed it again. Needless to say, I yanked the number down and threw it in the trash!! I will NEVER recommend Henry’s again!

Phew….got that out of the way. I feel much better now!:)

Just got off the phone with Theresa at Mr Spoiler and they have already talked with Vincent this morning. Everything is okay and they will take good care of them.


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