Where is my Coffee? 05/05/2009

I’m always in search of a brand of coffee that I can call my favorite brand. 
Usually, I try a new brand and then I end up not liking it, so I mix everything together in a large container and make due with what I’ve got. LOL…this has been going on for years and years. Still hadn’t found it….

….until I walked into a Safeway two weeks ago and decided to try Millstone’s Organic Mayan Black Onyx. The name sounded like it could stain my entire house and slam my eyeballs open.

I took it home and right away made a cup. It was delicious, dark, strong, rich, but not bitter. I was so happy!!!

….so I ran out last weekend. 

Sunday while doing my inspections I stopped at EVERY Safeway that I found, but none of them had my now favorite coffee. My last stop was in Warrenton where I had bought the first bag, but they were out. They’re STILL out!!

Today I search for it and found it on many sites including Millstone’s website…..but no way to order it.

Tomorrow morning I’m calling Safeway and talk to the lady that’s in charge of receiving to see if she can help me out. If she can tell me when the vendor comes to their store….I’ll be there waiting.

I feel like I lost my best friend! I know it’s crazy, but I have been searching for soooooo long!

Mmmhhh….don’t know why I’m rambling so hard about coffee. I think I need some R & R.


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