Silly’s Bath 07/20/2009

So I never got around to doing laundry yesterday, but bathed my pussy instead.
It had been a month and she needed it. I can tell from the hair. It’s not as soft as it usually is. I know she’s supposed to be “self-cleaning” and she cleans herself all the time, but being a Cornish Rex, she needs her bath.
I remember the first time. I was so scared that she was going to scratch or bite me, but Teri taught her well.
She doesn’t exactly like it and carries on like someone is committing murder on her, but she puts up with it. No scratching or biting even when I wash between her tiny little toes and get water all in her face. Afterward, she will spend a good hour cleaning the wet off of her.
I’ll let her be for a while until she’s finished, then I clean her ears and clip her nails.
Now… pussy is squeaky clean, yeah!!! 🙂

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