Car Chase, Permit, Hair Cut etc 08/12/2009

Devine Jenna…the young lady that cuts my hair 🙂

….so I chased a BMW this morning in a gated community. The leasing office was closed so I waited half an hour for them to open up….only to find out that the gates that surround this complex is just there for decoration. WTF? Why would you spend money on living in a gated community where the gates stay open 24/7? 

Then the lady that works in the leasing office apparently has never heard of the strict Virginia privacy laws??? She was really chatty….told me everything I needed to know, even that the person didn’t have any pets. WTF? She’s not supposed to even tell me that the person that I’m looking for is living there. Bizarre!!!…but good for ME 🙂

When I left there, I went to see Jenna to get a trim. If I could afford it I would pay her to wash my hair for hours at a time….it’s so relaxing to me. Turns out that I met her boyfriend at a car show years ago. Small world.

While I was there I got a call from Nikki, at the UPS store, to tell me that I had a package. I ordered a Notary kit and the stamp arrived. Weird, I guess they are sending it piece by piece. Also got my Error and Omission’s policy today. In the stack of junk mail was a card from the courthouse saying that I can come by to pick up my conceal to carry permit. Finally!!! I’ll be picking it up tomorrow morning. Good thing too, because the two pieces of paper that they gave me as a temporary permit is getting pretty ragged from being carried around for the last 4 months.

My sister and her hubby are in Orlando, Florida on vacation. I’m going to leave early today to go to feed her boxer and let him out. I hope I don’t forget to stop by there tonight on my way home.

I’m trying to arrange my day for tomorrow. First, go to Manassas to let the dog out, then Woodbridge for some car chases, then the courthouse. I’m glad I’ve got some nice new riding music for the Evil Twin. 🙂


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