Shredded TP, Tomatoes and Cucumbers 08/13/2009


You see what happens when I leave the house in too much of a hurry and forget to put the toilet paper in the dispenser??


I made it to my sister’s to let out her dog in time this morning. He had no accidents. 🙂 Poor thing must be depressed since all his humans are gone, he didn’t touch his food since I put it there yesterday. Oh well, someone will be home this afternoon.

I went to my first car chase in Woodbridge. I was met at the door by the borrower’s father, a very nice gentleman. He actually asked me to come in. That’s a first. I really felt bad about being the bearer of bad news.

After the car chases I stopped by the courthouse to pick up my permit. It’s pretty weird when you’ve come there so many times that they know you by name.

Picked up another batch of Notary supplies. I wish they would go ahead and send the seal so that I can start doing transactions. I shouldn’t complain, they’ve actually got my name right.

For weeks now, I pass by a house about two blocks away that has a home grown vegetable sign nailed to a tree. I have never seen anyone outside, but today I saw a car with the trunk open, so I figured I’d knock on the door. That’s when I met Ray. I came home with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. Ray told me that he will be making a huge batch of bread and butter pickles in a couple of weeks. I gave him my card so that he can call me when they’re ready.

I guess I better go ahead and skin my tomatoes. I haven’t had a good tomato, cucumber and red onion salad in a long time. 🙂


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