Ranting and Weightloss 08/16/2009


^^^On  my way home tonight around 8 PM.  The camera didn’t do it justice.
I just got home from Miller’s and got a chance to wash the Evil Twin before I left. Ha, our detail guy, Chris, said that’s the first time he’s heard someone talking to their car while washing it. 

The sunset was so beautiful on the way home, I wish I could have driven for ever. So relaxing. Good thing too because a guy that had taken it upon himself to post a weekly meet without even introducing himself nor asking for permission, really got me pissed off. Pissed off so badly were I deleted the nasty, hateful little remark that he had made about one of our club/family members. Rat Bastard!! I usually don’t delete other people’s posts, but he really got me riled up…..okay, end of rant.

No car chases tomorrow, so I’ll be working at Miller’s from noon until 5 PM.

I’ve got about 10 to 15 more pounds to lose. Meanwhile, I’m hoping that the baggy pants keep being in style. LOL….I’m having a hard time keeping them up. They seem to be getting longer too, but I know it’s just my thighs shrinking. Most of my shirts are hanging off of me like drapes now. I guess I’ll be buying new clothes in a few more months.

Well, time to check up on what everyone’s doing on Facebook, then shower and bed.
Have a great night everyone and be safe. 🙂

PS…some laughs and an awesome converter gadged
Homepage of Rasmus


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