39 Degrees This Morning 10/01/2009

….and a comfortable 65 inside with the help of my little electric heater.  The nice thing is, that the heater was not running when I got up so I know the heat is staying inside instead of flying out of the windows.   Usually, it takes a while in the morning to get comfortable enough to take a shower etc.
I sure do appreciate the people that bubble wrapped their windows for sharing this on the web.
Yesterday morning I screwed up and made coffee, had the heater on, and was blow drying my hair.  I’m such an idiot…..I know better.  So I tripped one of the breakers and couldn’t get it to reset for some reason.  I thought that the breaker at Kenny’s had tripped, but he later told me that it didn’t.  I can’t figure out why I couldn’t reset it.  Does it need off time before it resets???  Since when the shore power is off, only the lights and refrigerator work on battery power, I couldn’t work from home. I finished my car chases and had a nice visit with my Mom and then went straight to work at Miller’s.  When I got home last night, everything was back on.
Oh Guy, I sure thought that this jar of Miss-Bee Haven would last me a long time. 🙂
Just kidding….. My Mom loves it and I had to share.
Well, off to chase a couple of Mobile Homes.  Should be interesting.  One of the addresses goes to a Condo.  I wonder where they are keeping the Mobile Home? In the parking lot?

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