A Chuckle to Start This Monday Off Right!! 09/21/2009

Teri posted this on her blog yesterday and I couldn’t resist stealing it.
Of course, Silly would never do that.  She has the art of cocking her head sideways without getting her hair wet while lapping from the faucet, down to a science.
Today was laundry day.  I always run out of socks on Mondays or Tuesdays, so that’s when I load up everything and head out to the laundry mat.   My load was extra large because I got out the winter blankets along with all the bedding so I would not have to deal with it later.  Everything is all fresh and clean.  I’m going to sleep so good tonight.
Stopped at the Dollar Store to pick up a 12 pack of Diet Dr. Pepper.  I rarely drink sodas, but when I do, those are my favorite.  A 12 pack will last me about a year.
My dear son, T-Jay picked up the Evil Twin while I was at work on Saturday and gave her a good washing.  She’s sparkling this morning.  I wonder how long that’s going to last…probably until I get a car chase out in the boonies…..or it rains again.
I managed to find a battery operated light with a motion sensor online on Friday. I should get it in a few days. That will be for outside of my front door.  Since the days are getting shorter, my solar lights don’t light up long enough for me to get home.  It gets really, really dark out here.  I refuse to turn my porch light on when I leave….it’s such a waste of energy since it will only get dark about two hours before  I get home.  I see no sense in having it on all afternoon.
I wish I could figure out how to disable the light in the surround sound in my home.  The blue light that stays on 24 a day lighting up the dial is getting on my last nerve.  There has to be a way to disconnect or unplug it.  I never use it anyway since the sound system hooked up to my computer sounds way better than that.
It’s been really nice not have to buy propane every week.  The last time I had to refill the bottle was right before it got warm.  Goes to show you how much the central heat in here eats up.  I will insulate as much as possible before it gets cold again.  Even the fan over the stove and the air condition filter thingy in the ceiling.  I already have blow up pillows that go in the ceiling vents. 
The nights have been cool lately and I don’t think it will be too hot to sleep again so I’ll take down the small fan that I rigged up over my bed and put it away until next summer.
I got a crock pot of lentils going.  Time to put in the seasoning…then get ready for work.
I hope that everyone has an awesome Monday…I intend to!! 🙂

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