Camden chase and recruiter meeting 08/20/2009


I was at Camden Fairfax Corner this morning chasing a car. This place is impossible to get into unless you have been invited. It reminds me of a hotel…only this one has huge rooms and you can’t even get into the lobby without a key card.

They’ve been sending me to a lot of gated and highly secured homes. I don’t know if I would like living like that. Oh well, to each its own.

I was lucky to get through by the time that I had a meeting with a recruiter at 1 PM. Turns out the recruiter is for Primerica. It sounded so familiar when he said the name, but it was so long ago I had a hard time remembering the details. I did remember that they used to have an office in Manassas and that I went there once many, many years ago.

When I got to Miller’s I Google’d the company and remembered why I did not get into it. I went to one of their meetings and found out that they hardly even mentioned the products that they sold, but absolutely pushed recruiting more members. I decided at that time, that this was not for me. It still isn’t. I’ll stick with my field inspections.

Tomorrow is another day 🙂


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